Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rego Park Green Alliance Documentary

The Rego Park Green Alliance will be documenting all of the work the community is doing on the green wall. We will also use this as a time to showcase some of our past achievements. Here is a preview Click Here

Friday, October 23, 2009

RPGA Developes Pocket Part At Our Saviour

The Rego Park Green Alliance is working with Our Savior to create a lovely park on the side of their property for use by the community.

How did the idea come about?
While sitting at a jazz concert on Our Saviour's property several months ago, I saw a 400 square foot space sandwiched between Our Saviour Church and another building. In an area with no green space anything green is an opportunity. I spoke with Pastor Neil and asked if the Rego Park Green Alliance could create a park that could be used by the community. Pastor Neil and the congregation agreed.

What is the design?
If you look at the design, you'll see that with Colta Ives help we have created a quiet space for people to go to read and talk. Right outside of the garden is Honey Suckle that will evetually climb the fence. When you enter on the left will be some trumpet vines. On the right will be two raised beds, Further back, a clumping birch tree. At the rear, three kinds of evergreens. For ground cover, bark mulch. However, in some areas will have have a little rock to give the park some texture.

How can you help?
On November 14th we will start the transformation so if your available come down and help.