Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RPGA Will Be Working With Lawyers Alliance

Thank you Avie for finding us two great lawyers to help us file for our 501c3 status. We are incredibly lucky to have you guys agree to take on our organization and find us help navigating the murky waters of filing for 501c3 status.

Thank you also to those who have agreed to be on our advisory board for a fiscal sponsor until we have our own non profit status.

Advisery Board
Rachel Beadle
Elby Schneidman
Elsie Chapman
Richard West

P.S. 174 Plant Pickup

P.S. 174 did a great job nurturing the plants for our first green wall. The student council did a great job educating the kids about the project and the importance of green walls in the community. The kids were also able to put one of the plants they nurtured in a green wall panel.

Thank you P.S. 174 for all of your help with the green wall project!

63rd Drive Cleanup Finished

Because of the rain, we were unable to start the first phase of our educational park design. However, we did use that time to cleanup all of the garbage and trash that was sitting under the LIRR. Although we are not responsible for the cleanup under the railroad I have learned an incredibly important lesson. If the garbage bothers you don't wait for others to do it, do it yourself.

It's our community and we must be responsible when others aren't.

Thank you everyone for coming and helping to make a difference. What a fabulous event!

Thank you R&M Supermarket for dumping the trash bags for us :)