Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Monday, June 15, 2009

P.S. 139 Tree Update

In October the P.S. 139 school community came together to plant 5 trees in the schoolyard. The trees are doing well however, they need a little soil to cover one exposed root. This week the Rego Park Green Alliance went to Home Depot and purchased soil and mulch. We will work with the school community to mulch and weed over the next two weeks.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rego Park Hand Print Mural Designed By Yvonne Shortt & Richard West

What is the significance of the hand print mural & who designed it? Yvonne Shortt and Richard West of Rego Park decided to create a design that incorporated something of each participant into the wall. What better than the hand indelibly imprinted. Parents and kids joining together to press their hand on a wall, marking a certain period of celebration in their life. Yvonne & Richard also decided to plant succulents which are known to be drought tolerant in a recycled container on the design site.

Rego Park 'Real Good' Mural

The day arrived and it was perfect. Everyone showed up ready to work and have fun. It was amazing. Many say they want change but few are willing to take the time to make it happen. Thank you to all who did!

Click here to see some great pictures

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rego Park Green Alliance Volunteer Puts Up Signs

With any great event, it relies on the people who volunteer their time.  Yesterday a Rego Park Green Alliance volunteer went around the community putting up signs to let the community know there would be no parking on Saturday June 6th under the overpass.  We are very exited and wishing that after three days the rain will indeed stop and give us great weather tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

South Wall Priming By Alliance Members

One is never too young to get involved in their community. Clara age 6 and Rebecca age 11, came out early Sunday morning to support their community by prepping the wall for next Saturday's hand painting by the Rego Park Community. Rebecca & Clara worked with their parents who are also members of the Rego Park Green Alliance. The best way to get your kids involved in the community is to lead by example.

Eve Biddle & Joshua Frankel Design 'Real Good' Mural

I thought I would use this forum to explain why Eve & Joshua incorporated Real Good into the mural. For information about the hand print mural please see the hand print blog entry.

Rego Park derives its name from the Real Good Construction Company which began operating in the neighborhood in the 1920's. This mural,
REAL GOOD, reanimates the optimism encoded in the name Rego to illuminate the 63rd Drive underpass. REAL and GOOD are the
neighborhood's genetic makeup and the expressed attributes of its present. Rego Park's ancestral association with construction suggests potential for future creation. The metamorphosis of the wall from dusty gray to vivid color reminds passers-by of possibility. We can control the image of the place in which we dwell through positive action.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two New Garbage Cans for Alderton and 63rd

The Rego Park Green Alliance was able to get two new garbage cans on the corner of 63rd and Alderton. For years we had nasty old garbage cans with trash hanging everywhere. However, last week the Department of Sanitation and The office of Melinda Katz pulled through with two brand new garbage cans. Now, we have to let people know that there are several other garbage cans on 63rd so if their garbage doesn't fit throw it in another garbage can and not on the floor.

Real Good Spirit

Elby, a Rego Park Board member, went around to several stores on her way home from the dentist and asked them if they would show their REAL GOOD spirit and put signs up around the neighborhood. Talking about fitting a little time in to do some great community work.

Later that day, Rebecca and Clara, went around the neighborhood and took pictures in front of every store that had the sign taped up in their window. Some stores had the sign inside so we didnt get to take a picture with them.

Below is a list of several stores that took the flyer.
Card News Store (next to Natural ID)
Columbia Chicken
Dalk Cleaners
Dr. Gangian
Dr. Kalman ( His manager blew me away--she placed it in a really nice frame and placed it on their entrance table.)
Duane Read
Lady Care Beauty Salon
Met Supermarket
New Lux Nails
Park Cleaners
Rego Park Café
Rego Park Dental Clinic
Treasure Hunt
Valley National Bank

Monday, June 1, 2009

63rd Drive Businesses Support The Mural Project

Today Jay, a member of the Rego Park Green Alliance, went around to many businesses on 63rd Drive and the surrounding area to ask for their support with the mural project.

As you walk along 63rd this week, look around and see which vendors supported the project by placing s flyer in ther window. And, don't forget to give them your business.

Tony's Pizza Place is one of many stores along 63rd that agreed to post the sign in their window.

Below is a list of stores that agreed to place a flyer in the window.
Rego Park Cafe
F.C. Discount Liquors & Wines NY Inc.
K.S. Pharmacy
Focus Academy
Shalimar Diner
Gotham Home Decor
Larisa's Bagels
Davidoff Optical Center
Red Apple Development center
Zuni Trading
Tony's Pizza
Columbia Chicken Restaurant

Thank You

R&M (Store on West Side of 63rd, Next to the LIRR Underpass) Helps The Community

Mike, the owner of R&M, fixed his sidewalk in front of his store on Sunday, May 31st. R&M also worked with Royalty Waste Management to have their garbage picked up everyday instead of every three days.

What does this mean to our community? It means that now when kids walk to school they will hopefully no longer have to step over lettuce and other vegetables.

Thank You Mike!

(Mike poses with Elby, Rego Park Green Alliance Board Member)