Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3D Design And Printing NYC (Classes)

Yvonne Shortt, the Executive Director of the Rego Park Green Alliance, is a  pioneer in Creative STEM. Creative STEM engages artists, historians, designers, and so many of our disenfranchised and disengaged youth. It is a strong program that promotes empowerment, education, and sustainability.

The Rego Park Green Alliance is teaching 3D Design and Printing in schools and non profits in Manhattan and Queens. "3D Design and Printing is a great way to teach STEM to students who might not otherwise be engaged," says Mrs. Shortt.  "Our miniature doll house furniture class has been very effective for girls and our toy design class has been great for the boys," says Mrs. Shortt.  The Rego Park Green Alliance will also be teaching a free intro class at the NYC Queens Public Library this winter for 1 1/2 hours in Forest Hills.

You can also take 3D design and printing at the Rego Park Green Alliance space at 36-46 37th Street in LIC. The location is accessible by train and car. To find class dates go to or call the office at 347 201 2186.

The Rego Park Green Alliance is a group that acts in a non profit manner and is fiscally sponsored by Open Space Institute a 501c3 organization.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our School Garden Will Go National

Our School Garden Will Go National

In May, the Rego Park Green Alliance worked with students from 4th grade to create a vegetable garden.We were partially financed by YSA and Citizens Committee. A small portion of our story will air nationally. We can be seen in New York on channel 5 (FOX), 9:30 AM on Saturday 10/20. 

Thank you P.S. 139 4th grade class, Mrs. Efrem, and Mrs. Meade for helping to make this happen. I don't know how much of our story will air, but it was great to have the kids being interviewed. Hopefully we will inspire others to make a difference!

Yvonne Shortt
Executive Director
Rego Park Green ALliance...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3D Design and Printing Comes to Queens

Yvonne Shortt, a true visionary in after school programming, is bringing 3D Design and Printing classes to public schools/non profits in Queens and Manhattan. Yvonne is also hard at work with the FHYAA to bring it to all kids in all schools around the Rego Park/Forest Hills community.

If you would like to take weekend classes at the Rego Park Green Alliance in Long Island City,Queens  at 36-46 37th please register at or call 347-201 2186

Yvonne Shortt started teaching after school classes when she moved her daughter from Manhattan to Queens and saw her daughter no longer had access to robotics or Scratch classes.  "Everyone deserves to have access to cool new technologies that emphasize STEM while allowing the student to pursue their own objectives." says Shortt. And. this is why she is hard at work making things happen in her community that will inspire generations to come.  In the past Yvonne has taught robotics, Scratch, and claymation classes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rego Park 2012: A Photo Journalism Project

Don’t Box Us In

The Rego Park Green Alliance in conjunction with the community is working on a new initiative called Don’t Box Us In.

The initiative is based on the fundamental idea that we are more than our census numbers. All too often people look at a number like 30 percent Asian or 70 percent immigrant and ideas are formed about that neighborhood. As a community we want to be judged by our people and our actions. Numbers do not define us nor do they speak to who we are as people. The “Don’t Box Us In” project will look to the community to document who we are as a community.

The Rego Park Green Alliance is calling on the Rego Park community to send in their photos. These photos will be put online and be on displayed around the community.

What We Need
Send in your photo with a caption. It could be a photo of a place in Rego Park or a person, or some action.  You are the photojournalist and you get to decide how Rego Park should be documented.

For additional questions please contact Yvonne Shortt at 917 597 3089 or email her at

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Modeling For The Future

Modeling For The Future is a project that involves the local and international community sending in photos that include a structure ( a house, temple, chair). These photos are then used as inspiration to create design structures for the future. For example, a photo of a farm that includes a grain silo can be used as inspiration to create a cylindrical house of tomorrow. The house is designed and scaled using 3D design tools.  Then, the scaled house is fabricated ( physically created using AB plasticine) using a 3D printer.  Executive Director, Yvonne Shortt, will be creatively designing with the community including schools, libraries, and community centers. Then, the model designs and photos will be put into a book.  The book and the models will be on display around NYC.  To get involved please contact Yvonne at 917 597 3089

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Rego Park Green Alliance participated with youth in the Paper Art Project, a project designed to get people thinking about repurposing paper.  At the fair children worked hard to create roses out of paper to attach to a paper dress on a wire form.  The paper dress will e exhibited at schools and a local library.  Children and adults also answered questions about repurposing and recycling.  Thank you Disney for the grant and thanks to everyone for coming out.  We had around 1,000 people come to the fair.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3rd Green for Queens Earth Day Fair

DON’T MISS THIS FREE ENVIRONMENTAL EVENT!  Lots of information and fun for adults and for children!

3rd Green for Queens Earth Day Fair
      Sunday, May 6, 1 to 4 p.m.

Don’t miss our FREE Environmental Festival for everyone!

Earth Friendly Fun for Kids: Activities & Music, Eco-crafts & Cooking!

  • Paper dresses created bykKids thanks to a Disney Youth Grant
  • Bash the Trash Environmental Arts
  • Create an edible eco-system & make a seed necklace
  • Snakes & Worms & Other Wild Animals!         

Green Vendors, Info rmation & Exhibits for Adults
  • Vegan chefs show you how to cook healthy & green!
  •  Learn how you can save energy, save $ & fight global warming!
  • Sign up for a FREE energy audit or for clean wind energy (bring one year of your gas & electric billS)
  • Learn about neighborhood organic food coops, community gardens, and bike paths.
  • Free giveaways

And for all: sushi, wraps, pickles, smoothies & other DELICIOUS HEAL

Presented by the Central Queens YM & YWHA with Bamboomoves, Cub Pack 96, Church in the Gardens, Forest Hills CSA,  Forest Hills Jewish Center, Glendale CSA, Hillcrest Jewish Center, Israel Center of Conservative Judaism, Marathon JCC, Queens Harvest Food Coop, Queens Holistic Moms, Queens Jewish Center, Queens Jewish Community Council,  Reform Temple of Forest Hills, Rego Park Green Alliance, Rego Park Jewish Center, Solomon Schechter School of Queens, Transportation Alternatives, Tuv Ha’Aretz CSA and
co-sponsors by Community Environmental Center , Hazon, NYC Friends of Clearwater, NY League of Conservation Voters, Queens Botanical Gardens , and Transportation Alternatives
At the Central Queens YM & YWHA, 67-09 108 Street in Forest Hills
(718) 268-5011, ext. 151 or pkurtz@cqy.                                                       

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rego Park Green Alliance Members Visit Local Food Pantry

In honor of our Neighbors feed Neighbors grant from Sodexo Rebecca, Clara, and Yvonne went over to Masbia ( the local food pantry/soup kitchen in Rego Park) and helped out for two hours. Eileen, Kevin, and the rabbi where there and they were nice and welcoming.

Clara will be speaking about the experience to her class on Friday. Clara carried warm plates of delicious food and soup to tables and served people water or tea. She also chatted amiably with everyone. Rebecca helped serve warm plates and washed trays. Yvonne packed 60 bags filled with food.

The Rego Park Green Alliance was awarded a grant from Sodexo based on a proposal by Rebecca West. The project has two components:awareness and action.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Paper Shoe Art Goes To Chicago

The Rego Park Green Alliance is happy to say that some of the art from their Paper Art Masterpieces Project is going to Chicago for an art show. Of course this is also a great example of how repurposing and recycled paper can be used to inspire others. The Alliance will also be presenting some of their paper art at the Forest Hills Y in honor of Earth Day. The art presented will include shoes and dresses made from paper.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Neighbors Feed Neighbors

Thanks to a grant from Sodexo, the Rego Park Green Alliance will be hosting its Neighbors Feed Neighbors program. The program works with schools and neighbors to grow string beans and lettuce for our local food pantry. The Alliance will provide pots, trellis, seeds, and watering cans while you provide the love. We will also be sponsoring kitchen volunteer days at Masbia. To get involved contact Yvonne/Rebecca at 917 597 3089.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Rego Park Green Alliance Salutes Rebecca West

Congratulations to Rebecca West, cofounder of the Rego Park Green Alliance, for obtaining offers to study at New York City’s top public schools, Townsend Harris and Bronx High School of Science. Rebecca is currently in 8th grade at The Metropolitan Expeditionary School and has a 99 average. She advocates on behalf of the Alliance and works to make each project a success.She has worked on murals at NYC public schools and in the community, participated in a public service announcement at the request of the Mayor’s office, illustrated a children's book, advocated to Councilwoman Koslowitz to improve community safety, knocked on doors to get signatures for public support of safety issues, installed community gardens at churches and schools, and attended YMCA Earth Day events to promote green walls and her sustainable artwork. Rebecca West also mentored youth robotics teams for first robotics tournaments, competes in class 1 horseback riding events, runs track, and plays the piano and violin.

Rebecca has received awards for volunteering from Kohl’s and the Barnum and Bailey Circus. She has also participated in a press conference with Mayor Bloomberg on volunteering. We are proud to have her as part of the Rego Park Green Alliance and wish her continued success in all she does.

The Rego Park Green Alliance Family

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rego Park Green Alliance Meets Councilwoman Koslowitz

Members of the Alliance meet with Councilwoman Koslowitz to obtain support for a slow zone with boundaries on the north being the LIRR, the east 63rd Drive, the west Woodhaven, and the south where 63rd Drive meets Woodhaven. The area includes all streets in the perimeter including Alderton and 63rd Avenue. "We are trying to get people to obey the laws," said Rebecca cofounder of the Rego Park Green Alliance. There are also many more issues like crashes on Alderton because the street is too narrow for SUV's going in opposite directions plus cars parked their. On Dec 23rd a little girl walking home was almost hit when two SUV's came to a sudden halt once they realized they were just too big to make it through at the same time. "Honestly, cars just can't fit through with cars being allowed to park also," says Yvonne Shortt an Alderton Committee member. There have also been cars turning onto Alderton from 63rd Drive crashing because the meters extend too far on Aderton. The committee is working hard to get things done and we would like to thank the councilwoman for her genuine concern and support regarding our community. "The Councilwoman was incredibly nice and I hope she can help us, at least I know she will try," said Rebecca West.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Petition for Slow Zone From The Rego Park Green Alliance

RPGA wants a safe Rego Park and a few brave residents are taking action to make it happen.

The Alderton Committee leads ( Yvonne, Elby, Jay,John, Kathy, Rebecca, & Clara) for the Rego Park Green Alliance are leading an effort in their community to obtain a slow zone. Rebecca and Clara, two of the youth on the committee, braved the cold weather with the other committee leads to get signatures from residents in the slow zone. We also went around to schools and small businesses to obtain letters. Later this month we will be meeting with our councilwoman to obtain her support. Last night we went to our community board to let them know about our petition and to obtain support. The borders for the slow zone are the LIRR, Woodhaven BLVD, 63rd Drive, and where 63rd Avenue and Woodhaven meet. This includes 62nd drive, 62nd road, 62 Avenue, and 63rd Avenue.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Forest Hills Y Green Day Event May 6th 1-4

The Rego Park Green Alliance will exhibit paper dress masterpieces based on the three R's. It should be an exciting event. For the last two years we did green wall installations and this year we wanted to switch it up a bit. Mark the date!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Paper Masterpieces: The Dress Collection

Paper is everywhere and that's why the Rego Park Green Alliance will be working to create paper masterpieces out of scraps. After a small exhibit upstate we realized that not only is it fun to design with paper but a creation can turn into a masterpiece. Over the next couple of months we will be creating these masterpieces at libraries and schools. We will also offer paper dress products for sale so others can be inspired to create their own masterpieces. The proceeds will fund a multitude of key programs like growing vegetables for food banks.