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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rego Park Green Alliance Receives Another Grant Based On One of P.S. 139’s Very Own Science Projects By Rebecca West

Goal: Demonstrate through hands on education how soil-less (hydroponics) growth of herbs and vegetables is possible & can lead to a healthy lifestyle

Plan: Students will learn how to grow herbs and vegetables such as lettuce and Pak Choi without using soil; this same method is used by NASA on space shuttles and in Antarctica by research teams.

Date: April 2; Thursday

Time: 2:45

Length: 35 minutes

Place: School Yard

What We Will Do:
• Learn how to grow plants using only water, nutrients, hydroton, and seeds
• Understand how acidity and alkalinity affect plants
• Learn how to track your plants growth at
• Meet back in the schoolyard on April 23rd to see how your plant has progressed. Take one home, depending on availability

Please email to register for this event.

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