Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Thursday, August 13, 2009

P.S. 139 Space Mural

The mural at P.S. 139 was painted yesterday, August 12. It looks fabulous. Everyone came out in full force, including the filming crew. Rego Park Green Alliance members should be very happy with how the mural looks. Many stayed and painted while the rain came pouring down.Today many kids were back in the park playing handball or basketball on the back courts. It was great to see the kids playing with the lovely bright mural in the background.

Rego Park has one dedicated group of volunteers, that's for sure!


Our Saviour said...

I love it!!! I go to/work at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, right across the street from PS 139. Walking by the school the other day, I saw the mural for the first time, and felt a little corny for how happy I was, how it made me feel like this is becoming a community I'd want to show off to my Manhattan friends. (Most of them are not sure where Rego Park is...but hopefully that will be changing!) Thank you so much for how you are improving our community!

What We Do said...

We are so happy that you are enjoying the mural. It was great how the community came out to do something amazing!

uriah said...

I live directly across the street from PS 139. I absolutely love the walking out my front door and seeing this mural. Not only because it brightens up the street, but because the mural is so rad!

Thank you for putting your time into our community!