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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pocket Garden installed by the Rego Park Green Alliance: Small hope for an area devoid of public green spaces

Six months ago the Rego Park Green Alliance saw a neglected space along the side entrance of a church. “It was overgrown with weeds and there was also a pile of bagels, they had been thrown into the area to feed the pigeons,” says Shortt, co-founder of the Rego Park Green Alliance. Shortt says after several conversations with Our Saviour on 63rd Street, they had a plan. During two phases they would cleanup the area and create a low maintenance garden designed for planting and reading.

The Pocket Garden was born in a 9X40 foot space with the help of Colta Ives from Colta Ives Landscape and Design and the committed volunteers of the Rego Park Green Alliance. There are two conversation areas in the center, a wood bench created for $15.00, and tree trunks with handles for the kids. “The tree trunks were taken from the trees that were knocked down during our last storm,” Says Shortt. There are also planting beds filled with tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils. Along the back wall are three large Cypresses and there are several vines along the side that will eventually hide a fence separating the church from the building next store.

The Pocket Garden is a proof of concept according to Shortt. “We would like to find other outward facing neglected spots and create more Pocket Garden oases,” she says. If you know of other spots in Rego Park that are neglected, outward facing, and would make the perfect candidate for a garden contact Mrs. Shortt at

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