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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rego Park 2012: A Photo Journalism Project

Don’t Box Us In

The Rego Park Green Alliance in conjunction with the community is working on a new initiative called Don’t Box Us In.

The initiative is based on the fundamental idea that we are more than our census numbers. All too often people look at a number like 30 percent Asian or 70 percent immigrant and ideas are formed about that neighborhood. As a community we want to be judged by our people and our actions. Numbers do not define us nor do they speak to who we are as people. The “Don’t Box Us In” project will look to the community to document who we are as a community.

The Rego Park Green Alliance is calling on the Rego Park community to send in their photos. These photos will be put online and be on displayed around the community.

What We Need
Send in your photo with a caption. It could be a photo of a place in Rego Park or a person, or some action.  You are the photojournalist and you get to decide how Rego Park should be documented.

For additional questions please contact Yvonne Shortt at 917 597 3089 or email her at

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