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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Petition for Slow Zone From The Rego Park Green Alliance

RPGA wants a safe Rego Park and a few brave residents are taking action to make it happen.

The Alderton Committee leads ( Yvonne, Elby, Jay,John, Kathy, Rebecca, & Clara) for the Rego Park Green Alliance are leading an effort in their community to obtain a slow zone. Rebecca and Clara, two of the youth on the committee, braved the cold weather with the other committee leads to get signatures from residents in the slow zone. We also went around to schools and small businesses to obtain letters. Later this month we will be meeting with our councilwoman to obtain her support. Last night we went to our community board to let them know about our petition and to obtain support. The borders for the slow zone are the LIRR, Woodhaven BLVD, 63rd Drive, and where 63rd Avenue and Woodhaven meet. This includes 62nd drive, 62nd road, 62 Avenue, and 63rd Avenue.

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