Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rego Park Green Alliance Meets Councilwoman Koslowitz

Members of the Alliance meet with Councilwoman Koslowitz to obtain support for a slow zone with boundaries on the north being the LIRR, the east 63rd Drive, the west Woodhaven, and the south where 63rd Drive meets Woodhaven. The area includes all streets in the perimeter including Alderton and 63rd Avenue. "We are trying to get people to obey the laws," said Rebecca cofounder of the Rego Park Green Alliance. There are also many more issues like crashes on Alderton because the street is too narrow for SUV's going in opposite directions plus cars parked their. On Dec 23rd a little girl walking home was almost hit when two SUV's came to a sudden halt once they realized they were just too big to make it through at the same time. "Honestly, cars just can't fit through with cars being allowed to park also," says Yvonne Shortt an Alderton Committee member. There have also been cars turning onto Alderton from 63rd Drive crashing because the meters extend too far on Aderton. The committee is working hard to get things done and we would like to thank the councilwoman for her genuine concern and support regarding our community. "The Councilwoman was incredibly nice and I hope she can help us, at least I know she will try," said Rebecca West.

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