Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rego Park Green Alliance Volunteer Puts Up Signs

With any great event, it relies on the people who volunteer their time.  Yesterday a Rego Park Green Alliance volunteer went around the community putting up signs to let the community know there would be no parking on Saturday June 6th under the overpass.  We are very exited and wishing that after three days the rain will indeed stop and give us great weather tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed. 


Fishmonger said...

I hope she removed those signs when the event was over. Help keep Rego Park clean and remove any fliers you see. One flier begets others and make the neighborhood look bad.Before we know every pole, tree, and post will be covered in paper and graffiti.

What We Do said...

We definitely did. Thanks!