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Monday, June 1, 2009

63rd Drive Businesses Support The Mural Project

Today Jay, a member of the Rego Park Green Alliance, went around to many businesses on 63rd Drive and the surrounding area to ask for their support with the mural project.

As you walk along 63rd this week, look around and see which vendors supported the project by placing s flyer in ther window. And, don't forget to give them your business.

Tony's Pizza Place is one of many stores along 63rd that agreed to post the sign in their window.

Below is a list of stores that agreed to place a flyer in the window.
Rego Park Cafe
F.C. Discount Liquors & Wines NY Inc.
K.S. Pharmacy
Focus Academy
Shalimar Diner
Gotham Home Decor
Larisa's Bagels
Davidoff Optical Center
Red Apple Development center
Zuni Trading
Tony's Pizza
Columbia Chicken Restaurant

Thank You

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