Rego Park Green Alliance Members Selected For Volunteer Commercial

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Real Good Spirit

Elby, a Rego Park Board member, went around to several stores on her way home from the dentist and asked them if they would show their REAL GOOD spirit and put signs up around the neighborhood. Talking about fitting a little time in to do some great community work.

Later that day, Rebecca and Clara, went around the neighborhood and took pictures in front of every store that had the sign taped up in their window. Some stores had the sign inside so we didnt get to take a picture with them.

Below is a list of several stores that took the flyer.
Card News Store (next to Natural ID)
Columbia Chicken
Dalk Cleaners
Dr. Gangian
Dr. Kalman ( His manager blew me away--she placed it in a really nice frame and placed it on their entrance table.)
Duane Read
Lady Care Beauty Salon
Met Supermarket
New Lux Nails
Park Cleaners
Rego Park Café
Rego Park Dental Clinic
Treasure Hunt
Valley National Bank

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