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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eve Biddle & Joshua Frankel Design 'Real Good' Mural

I thought I would use this forum to explain why Eve & Joshua incorporated Real Good into the mural. For information about the hand print mural please see the hand print blog entry.

Rego Park derives its name from the Real Good Construction Company which began operating in the neighborhood in the 1920's. This mural,
REAL GOOD, reanimates the optimism encoded in the name Rego to illuminate the 63rd Drive underpass. REAL and GOOD are the
neighborhood's genetic makeup and the expressed attributes of its present. Rego Park's ancestral association with construction suggests potential for future creation. The metamorphosis of the wall from dusty gray to vivid color reminds passers-by of possibility. We can control the image of the place in which we dwell through positive action.

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